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Making A Difference

jggf thumb75 shadow7Golf As A Tool

Golf is challenging, difficult and spirited.  It creates a high level of camaraderie with your opponents that is not seen in any other sport.  Honesty, integrity, and courtesy are at its core and without it we have no game at all.  You must be motivated, self-reliant, and able to bounce back from a bad situation.  All of these attributes not only apply to Golf but to our daily lives.  Life is challenging, difficult and spirited to say the least.  Putting even one of these components to use in life on a daily basis will strengthen your character, self-esteem and confidence.

jggf thumb75 shadow4Our Call To Duty

This is why Golf is such a great vehicle to engage those challenged by life’s outcome.  We utilize the sport of Golf in a way that creates self-confidence, motivation and a positive outlook on life for those whom things may seem quite bleak. If only for one brief day at a time. Giving back to those that have served our country so valiantly and selflessly and to those that are less fortunate, we feel, is our calling.  It is our call to duty to make a difference in their lives the best we can with camaraderie, support and encouragement through Golf.




Get Involved

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Golf Giving Back

Golfs Positive Values and Life Skills that are inherent to the game
not only are proven to promote character-developing and life-enhancing
values but also aid in the rehabilitation of devistating injuries sustained
either mentally or physically.  Golf pushes you forward and shows you
that you must re-focus and move on to the next shot.

Wounded Warriors

This is your chance to give back to those who have been risking their lives to serve.  Show your respect and support to those wounded defending our country.